Art Laureates 2018-2019

2D Works

Winner: Sajjad Nawaz

Project: Untitled

Jury Citation

The jury commended Sajjad Nawaz, for his work Untitled. Nawaz’s meticulous magnifications decontextualize nature, even as they underscore his comprehensive observations and detail driven imagery. Nawaz is primarily concerned with explorations of shape, texture and form and he manipulates traditional techniques to deliberately blur the line between realism and abstraction.

3D Works

Winner: Safdar Ali

Project: In Between

Jury Citation:

In Between by Safdar Ali demonstrates his mastery of material and understanding of technique evident by the ensuing deceptively simple outcome. Safdar Ali’s use of everyday found objects – a concrete barrier, removed from its authoritarian use, as well as a length of pigmented rope, challenge the viewers’ perception of the laws of gravity, while at the same time upending seemingly intractable social strictures and impenetrable social structures.


Winner: Sara Mahmood

Project: Who has the clever II

Jury Citation:

Sara Mahmood’s Who has the clever II , 2017 was chosen by the jury to win the ceramics award. Who has the clever II evidences Mahmood’s poignant exploration of the human condition and its nuanced and emotive translation into unyielding Shigaraki clay. The resulting sculptural form is disquieting in its precision and fragile detail and its deliberate associations with positions of powerlessness.


Winner: Munawer Ali Syed

Project: Reimagining the walls of Karachi

Jury Citation:

Munawar Ali Syed was unanimously awarded the award for site specific work for his “Reimagining the walls of Karachi “which aimed to bridge the gap between art and urban dwellers who would not normally venture into galleries. It was deemed by the jury to be a successful, socially responsible project, addressing through visual imagery such social issues as individuality, identity, social pressures and above all , the convergence of people in urban centres.

Performance Art

Winner: Munawer Ali

Project: Gasping

Jury Citation:

The jury unanimously awarded Munawar Ali Syed for his performance Breath (Gasping) which comes out of his involvement with mime and his ability to draw attention to the crucial pressures of urban life and the demand on, and paucity of, resources through seemingly simple gestures. Munawar Ali Syed’s performative piece links contemporary practice with traditional methods of verbal and gestural communication.

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